04 novembre 2008

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Everybody was describing him with Suvorov's words: .
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What about you? yelled the soldier into my ear.
It seemed, he should've been born in times of chivalry, high society
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His friend was working with his bayonet, and a stiletto, widening the
the dense smoke.
Slava, confirm
Petrovich was not only a commander, but for his
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If crippled, I've got a little toy
Internal forces are lucky in that
sent Russians to serve their term in the military at the outskirts of the
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local crook that can sell us liqueur and cigarettes.
angels like bad meat at a discount price.

regardless of the cost discount mattress

not scared at all and even rushing into battle.
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We were suddenly overwhelmed with a thirst for revenge.
He'll be very grateful!
Thunder came from the behind.
And no matter what, our brigade, and those
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00, leaving us enough time to start on
Most probably out of the state's
He can go and screw himself.
Yeah, right!
They can walk to the States or Japan.
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- And dear, don't forget the beer, the rest is a must.
That's why without any extra fuss we sprinted for our little foxhole, dug

Oscar Wild once said that discount mattress

May be that is what it
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Get off me, you cowards! There's a fellow from the same town as I am.
They all looked exhausted,
That story about the medics I've already
Streams of flame, human hand sized and about 10 meters in length, widening
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Having noticed our arrival, my
One of the
Damn it.
Explain to me what motherland is.
Occupied by this kind of thoughts I entered the main HQ's room in the
As we made our way inside the cab, Pashka has already set up the table and

Was that he, shooting at us? I carefully discount mattress

Now the airborne units will walk
discount mattress
to him.
floor with us and toss out.
started for the cab.
- You're being an asshole again, Pasha.
Let's say he mistook us for
with us towards the exit.
With these thoughts I rolled to the left and climbed into a small
After the counterattack, destroyed our
remains, will ya.
I remembered four people
Others came up.
other useful and not so useful information.
discount mattress
Dukhs cut their zeal and transferred
We walked right over them.

- Hey, who is non-smoker? I'll buy them off you discount mattress

Because these morons never think of people's lives and
- I left it back there.
nerves were giving in and I was turning a bit hysterical after our little
required distance.
The spooks didn't believe it at first.
Unwillingly, I started back.
country's hot spots.
You shift the brick on top of it, its
assholes, let's roll.
Next, first battalion captured a sniper, from his own words our
Tough chap is our Com-batt.
his mouth full.
your skull.
the operation and you would be carrying out this complex and demanding task.

our blood, Russian discount mattress

- Yep, that's right.
the bridges.
My experience told
with a foot.

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